What is the best Tesla model for car seats?

Do you have young children that need to be driven around constantly? Then you probably want an EV that can fit as many car seats inside as comfortably as possible. 

In this article, we’ll explore which Tesla models are best for car seats, baby seats, and booster seats. 

The Best Teslas Model For Car Seats

The Tesla Model X and Y are the best Tesla models for fitting car seats for young children. 

While every Tesla model comes equipped with a LATCH system to make putting in car seats easy and safe, the Model X and Y have that extra space to make car rides with kids extra comfortable.

Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X is Tesla’s full-sized SUV offering. It’s just as sleek as other Teslas, but it can fit up to 7 people while also carrying a sizable cargo load.  

The falcon doors on the Model X make loading your kids and baggage easy… while also looking really cool! The enormous touchscreen will also keep your kids entertained while you cart them around town.

The Model X isn’t just spacious, it’s also incredibly safe. It has a 5-star NHTSA rating, which means you can drive around without worrying much about your and your family’s safety. Putting in car seats is easy with the Model X and the spaciousness of the SUV also means you can fit plenty of baby seats in!

Tesla Model Y 

The Tesla Model Y is Tesla’s compact SUV. While it’s not as spacious as the Model X, it still has plenty of room for you and your kids and their car seats, while boasting an impressive entertainment system to keep them occupied. A compact SUV is still an SUV after all. 

Like the Model X, the Tesla Model Y has remarkable safety ratings. It has a 5-star NHTSA safety rating and a good IIHS safety rating. Putting a car seat into the Model Y is easy enough, so it has an acceptable IIHS LATCH ease of use rating.

The Model Y has one big advantage over the Model X: the price. The Tesla Model Y has a starting price of about $63,000 which is much less than the $115,000 Model X starting price. 

What about the other Tesla models? 

While the Tesla Model X and Y are the best Teslas for car seats because of their size, that doesn’t mean other Tesla vehicles are off-limits. 

The Tesla Model S and 3 are smaller vehicles, but they’re still extremely safe cars that fit multiple car seats.

How do you put a car seat in a Tesla?

Putting a car seat into any Tesla vehicle is pretty straightforward. These steps can be applied to any Tesla model.

  1. Find your Tesla’s child seat attachment points. Every Tesla comes with LATCH standard car seat attachment points. 
  2. Look for the simplified instructions on your child’s car seat. 
  3. Connect the car seat tightly using your Tesla’s seat belt and/or your Tesla’s LATCH system anchors. 
  4. Test how secure the car seat is by shaking it and trying to move it.
  5. If the car seat moves more than an inch, you must tighten it to secure it more.

To make sure your child is safe in their car seat: 

  1. Put your car seat behind the front passenger seat. 
  2. Be completely sure that they’re buckled in securely.

Most people think that the middle seat in the middle of the car is the safest place for you to put your child. This isn’t the case because the outer rear seats of most cars usually have a standard LATCH system while the middle seat doesn’t. Putting your child’s car seat behind the front passenger’s seat also lets you check on them easily without having to completely turn around.

Avoid putting your child’s car seat and your child in the front passenger seat. This is because front seats aren’t 100% suited for car seats and putting children in the front seat can distract you while driving. 

Please remember that if you want the most accurate instructions, consult your Tesla owner’s manual and your car seat’s included instructions.

FAQs about car seats in Teslas

Which car seats are best for Tesla vehicles?

Tesla recommends using the Peg Perego Viaggio 2-3 Shuttle car seat.

Can you put two car seats together in a car, side by side?

Smaller cars can’t accommodate two car seats side-by-side but the Tesla Model X and Model Y can. 

Can a Tesla Model 3 fit three car seats?

It isn’t easy, but with narrow enough car seats it is possible to fit three car seats into a Model 3 using the seatbelts and LATCH system.

Are Tesla vehicles good for parents with children? 

If you can afford a Tesla, they’re great for parents with young children since their safety ratings are incredibly high. The numerous safety and entertainment options available with Teslas also make them a great choice. 

Final Verdict: The Best Tesla for Car Seats

When it comes to choosing the best Tesla model for car seats, your best bets are the Tesla Model X and Model Y. They have lots of space for car seats and room to store all of the other baggage that comes with having children too! So whether you’re going shopping, on vacation or even on a camping trip, there will be plenty of room for your family and all your belongings in a Model X or Y.

However, every Tesla model comes with the LATCH car seat system fitted a standard, so any Tesla can work as a family vehicle.