The Best Tesla For Dogs [Make The Most of Dog Mode]

Travelling by road with your pet dog can either be one of your life’s greatest joys or a complete nightmare depending on what car you’re using.

If you’re in the market for a car that’ll be great for you and your little buddy, why not consider a Tesla? Teslas are a popular choice for pet owners because of their spacious interiors, comfortable seats and pet-optimised features. 

The question is, which Tesla is best for dog owners?

The best Tesla for dogs

The Tesla Model X is the best Tesla model for dogs. While every Tesla model comes with Dog Mode to help keep your furry friend safe, the Tesla Model X is the most spacious and comfortable of all the Tesla EVs which makes it the best choice for your pet dog. 

Why is the Tesla Model X best for dogs?

The Tesla Model X is Tesla’s full-sized SUV. You can carry up to 7 people in a Model X and still having room for luggage too. 

Because it’s so spacious, the Model X is a great choice for dog owners. There’s so much room in a Model X that even the biggest furry companions will still be comfortable, not to mention safe. As with other Tesla models, the Model X has incredibly high safety ratings

The one sticking point of the Tesla Model X that will be a dealbreaker for many dog owners is its price tag. The Model X has a starting price of about $115,000 which is going to be prohibitively expensive for a lot of people.

That being said, you’re getting a lot for the price you pay and the quality provided by the Model X is definitely on par with its luxury price tag.  

What is Dog Mode?

Dog Mode is a mode available on all Teslas to make your car safer and more comfortable for your dog. It’s a life-saver if you need to stay with your dog in your Tesla for longer periods of time or if you need to leave your dog safely in your Tesla while you run some quick errands. 

Dog Mode makes sure that your car is kept air-conditioned when parked so that your dog won’t suffocate or overheat while in your Tesla. It also tells people outside your Tesla that your dog is safe by showing a notification on your dashboard that tells outsiders that the dog inside your car is not in any danger. 

Do all Teslas come with Dog Mode?

Almost every Tesla model is a great choice for dog owners because of how high their safety ratings are and the fact that all of them come with Dog Mode.

Most Teslas are spacious enough to keep pet dogs happy and comfortable as well.  

Helpfully, their seats are also easy to clean, since they’re made of synthetic leather. That means cleaning up dog fur and other messes is a simple task compared to other car interiors.

How do you activate Dog Mode in a Tesla Model X?

You can turn on Dog Mode in a Tesla Model X by going into the climate-control settings of your EV. Look for the fan icon on your Tesla’s touchscreen, click it and then select the “Dog” option under the “Keep Climate On” settings.

When you see a message on your display that says “My owner will be back soon, don’t worry!”, that means Dog Mode is activated.

Should you leave your dog in your Tesla Model X?

There are times when you really don’t have a choice and need to leave your dog in your car for a bit.

If you have a Tesla Model X, you can leave your dog inside and rest assured that they’re safe and comfortable.

You just need to make sure that all your doors are properly closed as well as locked and that your Tesla’s Dog Mode is activated.


Are Tesla interiors easy to clean? 

Most Teslas have interiors that are simple to clean. The Tesla Model X is no exception and has an interior that’s easy enough to clean if your dog gets it dirty.

Which is better for dogs, the Tesla Model X or Tesla Model Y? 

Both the Tesla Model X and the Model Y are good for dogs. However, the Model X is best because it’s more spacious. 

Can you fit a big dog into a Tesla Model Y? 

Yes, you can fit a large dog into a Tesla Y. While the Tesla Y isn’t as big or as spacious as the Tesla Model X, it’s still roomy enough to transport even the largest dogs.

Can you use a Tesla Model 3 to carry dogs?  

Yes, you can use a Tesla Model 3 to carry around your dog. However, the Model 3 isn’t as spacious as the Model X or Model Y. If you have a big dog, or more than one dog, the lack of space could make your journey less comfortable.

Our verdict: the best Tesla for dogs 

The Tesla Model X is the best Tesla for dogs. While dog mode works great in every Tesla, it works especially well with the spacious and comfortable Model X.