What Is The Best Tesla For Tall Drivers?

Finding an EV that’s comfortable to drive as a tall person can be a bit of a challenge. Many EVs don’t have enough space and leg room for taller people to drive comfortably.

However, the good news is that there are at least two Teslas that are great for taller drivers. If you’re above average height and looking to buy a Tesla, read on to find out which model is best for you.

The Best Tesla for Tall Drivers

The Tesla Model X and Model Y are the top Teslas for tall drivers. While the Model X has more space in general, the Model Y has more legroom.

If you have the budget, go for a Tesla Model X and if not, the Tesla Model Y is a good choice too.

About the Tesla Model X 

The Tesla Model X is the biggest and most spacious Tesla currently available. It’s a hefty, full-sized SUV that can fit up to seven people as well as a generous amount of cargo.

If you’re a taller driver, this spaciousness – combined with ample head room, shoulder room, and leg room – will be a huge plus in terms of driving comfort.

And the Model X isn’t just great because of how spacious it is. It’s also a fully-featured SUV that boasts falcon doors, a panoramic windshield, and a huge main touch panel that is incredibly useful as an entertainment center and a navigation screen.  

There are currently two versions of the Tesla Model X available: the Model X and the Model X Plaid, with the big difference being their motors and prices.

About the Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y is Tesla’s compact SUV. It’s smaller than the Model X but it still has a good amount of space for taller drivers. And surprisingly, the Model Y actually has more legroom than the Model X.

Though the Model Y has more legroom than the Model X, it has less headspace and shoulder room, which is why the Model X is still our top choice for taller drivers. However, the Model Y makes up for these shortcomings by being more affordable. 

There are three versions of the Tesla Model Y available: the Model Y RWD, the Model Y Long Range, and the Model Y Performance.

As a tall driver how comfortable are the Model X and Model Y?

While both the Tesla Model X and Model Y are terrific, comfortable cars for taller drivers to use, the overall winner in terms of comfort is the Model X.

The seats in the first two rows of the car are both spacious and comfortable enough for taller people. Though the same cannot be said for the more cramped back row. The headroom and legroom is plentiful in the second row but the third row is better suited for shorter people or children.

Getting in and out of the Model X is easy whatever your height, and fun too, thanks to the falcon wing doors!

The Model X is clearly the best Tesla for taller drivers. However, the Model Y can still fit tall drivers and passengers pretty comfortably in the front and second rows. And the generous legroom helps to compensate for the smaller amount of overall space you get in the Tesla Model Y.  

If you can’t afford the Model X then the Model Y is definitely a good back-up option, and driving as a tall person in the Model Y is still going to be an enjoyable experience.

Coming Soon: The Tesla Cybertruck! 

Taller drivers tend to gravitate toward bigger vehicles like pickup trucks. And if you’re looking for a truck but want an EV then Tesla will have you covered pretty soon.

The Tesla Cybertruck is coming out in the later half of 2023 and is looking to shake up the EV market pretty hard!

For taller drivers, the Tesla Cybertruck isn’t just going to be rugged, heavy duty and useful. It’s also going to be spacious and comfortable for drivers who are sick of driving cramped, tiny cars.

Based on currently available information, the Tesla Cybertruck is going to be released in three different variations: the Single Motor RWD, the Dual Motor AWD, and the Tri Motor AWD. 


Which is the biggest Tesla EV?

Currently, the Tesla Model X is the biggest Tesla EV. It has the most headroom and shoulder room of all the Tesla EVs but it does not have the most legroom: that title goes to the Tesla Model Y.

Which Tesla EV has the most legroom?

Surprisingly, the Tesla Model Y is the Tesla EV that has the most legroom. It actually has about 2 inches more legroom than the generally-larger Tesla Model X.

Is the Tesla Model 3 okay for tall people?  

While you might be able to drive the Tesla Model 3 even if you’re extremely tall, it’s not going to be as comfortable as it is for shorter people. The limited headroom and legroom of the Model 3 can be a big problem for taller drivers.

When is the Tesla Cybertruck going to be released? 

The Tesla Cybertruck should be coming out in the later half of 2023.

Final Verdict: The Best Tesla For Tall Drivers

Finding an EV that’s comfortable for you as a tall person is hard but it’s definitely not impossible.

You shouldn’t have to compromise on your comfort when you’re looking for a car and if you choose the right Tesla, you won’t have to. The Tesla Model Y and Model X both offer a mix of performance, comfort and spaciousness that you won’t get with most other EVs.

If you’re looking for an EV as a taller person, you should seriously consider getting a Tesla Model X or Model Y. The Model X is generally largest, though the Model Y boasts slightly more leg room.