What is the best Tesla model for camping?

When you think of a car to take camping, your first thought probably isn’t a sleek electric vehicle. So you might be surprised to learn that Teslas are actually fantastic cars to take on a camping trip.

Many Teslas are roomy, and all Tesla models offer something called Camp Mode, which makes it more comfortable to sleep inside your car. 

So, if you love Tesla and the great outdoors, it’s worth taking a moment to learn about camp mode and which Tesla models are best for camping. 

Which Tesla models are best for camping?

The best Tesla model for camping is the Tesla Model X, due to it being the largest Tesla currently available. However, the Model S, and Model Y offer a great camping experience too. All three vehicles come with Camp Mode as standard, which will make your experience more comfortable if you plan to sleep inside the vehicle.

While we recommend the Model X as the best Tesla for camping right now, it’s worth remembering that the Cybertruck is coming soon, and will dwarf even the Model X. The Cybertruck could soon become our number-one choice, and establish itself as the best EV for camping ever!

Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is a saloon car that’s sleek, long, and low while also being environmentally friendly. The Model S is a car that’s pleasant to look at, comfortable as well as spacious.

The Tesla Model S currently has two versions, the Model S and Model S Plaid. All the newer Model S vehicles are all-wheel drive (AWD) cars which helps the driver keep control on and off the road: Perfect for driving around a campsite!

Camping in the Tesla Model S can be a comfortable experience because of Tesla’s camp mode option, and how cozy the car is in general. However, if you’re planning on bringing a lot of people or a lot of cargo, you might struggle, as the Model S is a saloon car. 

Some Tesla users might also be uncomfortable taking the Model S camping, as it’s a high-end model. 

Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y is a compact SUV with a decent amount of room. Tesla is hoping the Model Y crushes sales targets, as compact SUVs are one of the most popular car classes at the moment. 

While the Tesla Model Y isn’t Tesla’s largest offering, it makes up for it by being slightly more affordable as well as more maneuverable. Getting the Model Y is the sweet spot between the Model 3 and the Model X. 

Going camping with the Model Y would be better than going with the Model S because of the extra space. The extra space will make camping and sleeping more comfortable while also helping to show off more of what Tesla’s camp mode can do. 

The Tesla Model Y comes in three versions. The Model Y RWD, the Model Y Long Range  and the Model Y Performance.

Tesla Model X 

The Tesla Model X is a big SUV that is spacious enough to carry up to 7 people and a decent amount of cargo. 

The huge amount of space is great for camping because:

  1. You can bring more friends and family.
  2. You can bring more camping equipment and supplies.
  3. It’s a lot more comfortable to sleep in.

The Model X also has a pretty memorable feature besides its spaciousness: a humongous touchscreen! 

The touchscreen is great as an entertainment center when you want to wind down from a day outdoors. You can also use it to easily find your way when you’re getting to your campsite.

Coming Soon: The Tesla Cybertruck! 

If you want to go camping, you’d probably want to go out into the outdoors with a truck. So it’s too bad Tesla doesn’t have one of those… yet!

The Tesla Cybertruck is scheduled for set to arrive in 2023.

Revealed in 2019, the Tesla Cybertruck will be Tesla’s unique-looking pick-up truck offering. Designed to hold charge with the best of them while being a rugged off-road vehicle, the Cybertruck should be great for camping.

The Tesla Cybertruck is going to come out in three initial versions. The Single Motor RWD, the Dual Motor AWD, and the Tri Motor AWD.

What is “Camp Mode”? 

Whichever Tesla you choose, you’ll be pleased to learn that every model comes with a togglable Camp Mode. 

Camp mode basically turns your Tesla into a cozy cabin on wheels by maintaining the temperature, airflow, and lights inside your Tesla. It also powers your USB ports and power outlets for convenience and comfort.

While Camp Mode is supposed to be for when you’re tired and need to stop to rest on long journeys, it also makes going camping using your Tesla an attractive option. 

How do you turn “Camp Mode” on?

You can turn on camp mode using your vehicle’s touchscreen. Put your Tesla in park, look for the temperature icon, and tap it. From there, look for the camp mode option and press it to turn it on. 

You can also turn on camp mode using the Tesla app. On the Tesla app, go to the climate section and scroll until you see the camp mode option. Choose the camp mode option to activate your Tesla’s camp mode. 

Camping accessories for your Tesla

If you’re considering camping in a Tesla, you might be interested in exploring the wide array of unique camping accessories available for almost every Tesla vehicle.

Sun Shades

Let’s start with the basics; sun shades. Sun shades are a necessity to make sure your Tesla doesn’t turn into an oven when camping in the summer. 

Getting sunshades for your windshield, and side and back windows that are specifically made for your Tesla model will keep the temperature comfortable.

Privacy Shades

If you’re going to go camping and sleep in your Tesla, then you’re going to want some privacy. 

Privacy shades do exactly what their name implies by blocking windows to ensure no one can peek into your car while you’re asleep camping. While you can get generic privacy shades for your car, you should probably go for shades that are cut to precisely fit your Tesla’s windows.

All-Weather Floor Mats

All-weather floor mats are hardy floor mats that will keep your Tesla’s floor safe from dirt and other debris. While you’re bound to get at least some of your car dirty, all-weather floor mats keep that to a minimum and make cleaning up messes in your Tesla much easier.

Rooftop Storage Containers 

A rooftop storage container (AKA a roof cargo carrier) attaches to the roof of your Tesla and gives you much more room for storage if you need to carry extra cargo. 

These containers require a set of crossbars and are pretty costly, but it’s worth it to invest in a high-quality one to make sure your valuable cargo stays safe. 

FAQs about which Tesla models are good for camping

Which Teslas are good for camping?

The Tesla Model X and Y are well-suited for camping, though our top choice is the model X. 

The Tesla Model S is also a good choice when you want to enjoy the great outdoors.

Which Teslas aren’t good for camping?

The Tesla Model 3 isn’t ideal for camping because of its limited space for people and cargo. 

That said, it’s still possible to use a Model 3 for camping if you really want to. You just won’t have as much room!

Is it a good idea to take an electric vehicle camping? 

It is perfectly fine to take an electric vehicle camping, as campsites are now equipped to service EVs and their users. 

Many campsites across America now have designated charging stations for EVs which makes camping with EVs extremely convenient.

Final Verdict: Camping in a Tesla

Camping in a Tesla is a new way to go camping that can be both safe and comfortable. And with more and more campsites offering EV charging stations, camping in a Tesla will only get more popular. 

Our top choice of Tesla model for camping is the Model X, as it is the largest of the currently available vehicles. However, the Model S and Model Y can also work well, while the Cybertruck is promising as a Tesla camping vehicle of the future!