Best Tesla Models For Towing

When you think of EVs, you probably don’t think of heavy duty work. You wouldn’t think that a Tesla could be used for towing things like trailers or other cars, would you?

Perhaps surprisingly, some EVs are strong enough to move heavy loads with ease, which makes them both eco-friendly and extremely practical.

In this article, we’ll reveal the best Tesla EV for towing and pulling heavy loads. So, if towing is important to you, be sure to read on before deciding which Tesla to purchase.

Which Tesla Is Best For Towing?

The Tesla Model X is the best Tesla EV for towing anything heavy. Its towing capacity leaves almost every other EV on the market in the dust. The Tesla Model Y is the second best Tesla to use for towing, but the Model X blows it out of the water.  

In terms of towing capacity, the Tesla Model X has a capacity of about 5000 pounds. For comparison, the Model Y has a towing capacity of about 3000 pounds.

Tesla even built some special features for people who want to use the Model X for hauling trailers. The Tesla Model X has a “Trailer Mode” which turns off its rear proximity sensors.

Its towing capacity is just one reason why the Model X is also our top choice of Tesla for camping.

Why Should You Care About Towing Ability?

Even if you don’t regularly tow a trailer or caravan, you should care about the towing ability of your Tesla in case you ever need to tow something in an emergency situation.

It’s also important to know and follow your vehicle’s listed towing capacity, because going over the limit is dangerous. Ignoring the towing capacity of your Tesla can damage your engine, your tires, your transmission and even the frame of your EV. It can also lead to road accidents.

Problems With Towing in a Tesla 

The big problem with using your Tesla to tow things is that towing things will drastically reduce the range of your EV. Your Tesla Model X will need more frequent charging top-ups if you’re going to haul a caravan around with it!  

Towing something like a trailer can cut your Model X’s range by about 40%, but this will vary depending on the roads you’re on, the weather conditions you drive in, and the weight of the load you are towing.

Another problem you might face with towing things in a Tesla is getting your vehicle into a Supercharger space. If you stop at a charging station without enough space, you’re going to have to unhitch your load before you can charge your Model X.

Hooking up the brake controller to stop your RV can also be complicated, since Tesla uses a different wire colouring system compared to a lot of other brake controllers. You need to learn this colouring system beforehand or you need to get the help of a professional who is used to dealing with Teslas.

Finally, you might get annoyed by your dashboard display showing that you’re being tailgated by another vehicle if you’re towing an RV and caravan. However, you can solve this problem by remembering to activate “Trailer Mode” on your Model X.

Coming Soon: The Tesla Cybertruck! 

When you think of strong vehicles that can haul and tow heavy things, you think of trucks. And soon, Tesla will enter the truck market, with the new Tesla Cybertruck coming out in the latter half of 2023.

The Cybertruck will be Tesla’s rugged, heavy duty and practical offering. So we expect it to have a high towing capacity!

Based on currently available information, the Tesla Cybertruck is going to be released in three different variations: the Single Motor RWD, the Dual Motor AWD, and the Tri Motor AWD. 


Which Tesla EV has the most horsepower? 

With over 1000HP, the Tesla Model S Plaid has the most horsepower of all Tesla models.

Which Tesla EV is the heaviest?

The Tesla Model X Plaid is the heaviest, weighing in at over 5000 pounds.

Does towing affect the range of a Tesla? 

Yes, towing does affect the range of Tesla EVs. You should expect the range of your Tesla to be reduced by about 40% if you tow anything heavy.

When is the Tesla Cybertruck coming out? 

The Tesla Cybertruck should be coming out in the second half of 2023.

Final Verdict: The Best Tesla For Towing

You need a powerful car to be able to tow heavy loads and the Tesla Model X is the best model for the job. With a 5000 pound towing capacity, the Model X is suited for towing trailers, caravans, or broken down cars.

Of course, you need to consider your budget when choosing any vehicle, and if you can’t afford a Tesla Model X then the Model Y is the second best choice. However, if you do have the money, the Model X is undoubtedly the best Tesla for towing. That is, until the Cybertruck arrives…