How to check a Tesla’s mileage

If you have recently purchased your first Tesla, then you’ll almost certainly want to monitor the mileage to see how it stacks up against your charging frequency and running costs.

Experiencing the difference between driving an EV and a regular vehicle is exciting, to say the least. Especially since you can use your Tesla dashboard touchscreen to view the status of the car’s battery visually, and watch its performance in real-time.

Having transitioned from a regular car to a Tesla, one of the first things you’ll notice is that the usually-obvious odometer that would normally be prominently displayed on the dash is absent. 

This might seem like a bit of an inconvenience at first, but you’ll soon get used to navigating to the odometer whenever you want to. You’ll also quickly discover that you can check so much more in terms of mileage—for example, the count of your most recent trips or since your last charge.

How to Check the Tesla Odometer

To display the odometer on your Tesla touchscreen, there are two options to choose from. The first is to touch Controls and then Software. The second is to swipe the three dots on the bottom left-hand side of the touchscreen display to the left. This will open up a mileage popup. If you scroll to the bottom, you’ll find the odometer display with your vehicle’s total mileage.

Historically, some Tesla owners have had trouble locating the odometer using the three dots swipe feature. The word online is that this can be fixed by performing a quick soft reboot. 

Finally, if you use the Tesla app on your smartphone or smartwatch, you can also access the odometer here. Simply scroll down to the very bottom of the main app screen and discover the odometer waiting for you there.

How to Display Tesla Trip Information

We mentioned that a Tesla allows you to track so much more mileage information than the basic odometer total, so let’s get into those features. First things first, the car allows you to monitor trip information such as distance, duration, and average energy usage. To explore this data, tap Controls and then Trips on your dashboard touchscreen.

If you want to monitor your car’s mileage and trip performance over time, you can name and rename trips by touching the trip on the screen, assigning a name, and pressing Save. You can also reset a trip meter part-way by pressing the Reset button.

In a Model S or Model X Tesla, you have the further option to display information for up to three thrips on the instrument panel. Looking at your trips list, you can use the checkboxes to select which ones you want to display. You can then navigate between them using the scroll bar on your steering wheel.

How to Check Tesla Mileage Since Your Last Charge

Another thing that you’ll likely want to track as you go along when driving a Tesla is how your mileage is faring since your last charge. You can find this information in the Trip Information section by tapping Controls and then Trips on your dashboard touchscreen.  You can also find this statistic and your latest trip data above the odometer reading by swiping the three dots to the left on your homescreen.

With so much mileage data at your fingertips, driving a Tesla can be just as fascinating an experience as it is an enjoyable one. Unfortunately, there is no way to get the odometer and other mileage information to stay up on the dashboard touchscreen while you’re on the road. However, we think you’ll agree that the simple navigation required to find these readings make this an easy difference to get used to.