How to Check Your Tesla Car Battery Type 

Have you found yourself wondering how to check your Tesla battery type? Over the course of its history, the popular EV brand has used only four different battery types. These are the 18650-type, 2170-type, 4680-type, and the LFP prismatic-type. Today, we are going to detail each of these batteries and help you pinpoint which one is inside your vehicle.

Considering the rapid advancement of the brand, it’s pretty incredible that Tesla has only ever used four battery types. And no single company has manufactured all of the brand’s batteries. Instead, the 18650-type and 2170-type are made by Panasonic, the prismatic-type batteries by Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL), and the 4680-type has so far been made by Tesla themselves.

Which Battery Type Is in my Tesla?

Most Tesla owners can identify which battery type their vehicle houses simply by knowing its model or where it was manufactured. For example, at time of writing, the Model S and Model X Teslas have only ever featured the 18650-type battery, while only Model Ys made in Texas or Germany feature the 4680-type battery.

Use the table below to narrow down the possibilities for the type of battery in your Tesla.

Tesla ModelBattery Type
Model S18650-Type
Model 32170-Type or Prismatic-Type
Model X18650-Type
Model Y2170-Type or Prismatic-Type
Model Y made in Texas and Germany4680-Type
Anticipated Cybertruck4680-Type

As you can see, drivers who have recently received a brand new Model 3 or Model Y may need to do a little extra digging to uncover their battery type.

Back in 2020, Elon Musk announced that Tesla would be introducing a brand new Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) prismatic-type battery for new Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. This was with the exception of new Model Y cars manufactured in the brand’s new manufacturing facility in Texas or their German facility, which use the 4680-type battery.

As far as our research indicates, Tesla buyers only gained access to Model 3 and Model Y vehicles featuring the prismatic-type batteries from 2022 onwards. If your Tesla acquisition was this recent, you can check if you have a prismatic-type battery on your dashboard touchscreen by navigating to: 

Controls > Software > Additional Vehicle Information 

If your vehicle is equipped with an LFP battery, “High Voltage Battery type: Lithium Iron Phosphate” is listed. If your vehicle does not have an LFP battery, the high-voltage battery type is not specified.

The 18650-Type Tesla Battery

The market longevity of the cylindrical 18650-type Tesla battery is impressive when we consider that it has been a mainstay since the original Roadster and the brand’s flagship Model S.

Each 18650-type cell is 65mm in length, 18mm in diameter, 47g in weight, and 3.7V in nominal voltage. Every 18650-type Tesla battery is comprised of thousands of these cells, with each one storing up to 3500 mAh of power, with a maximum charge of 4.2v and a discharge minimum of 2.5V.

This impressive performance gave a range of 244 miles for the long-discontinued Roadster, a 348 mile maximum range for the Model X, and a whopping 405 mile maximum range for the Model S Long Range.

The 2170-Type Tesla Battery

The 2170-type Tesla battery, which can be found in older-generation Model 3 and Model Y Teslas, offers the same nominal voltage, maximum charge, and lowest discharge as its older sibling the 18650-type, however it does boast a higher capacity. 

Each 2170-type cell measures 70 mm in length and 21 mm in diameter, allowing the storage of 4800 mAh. This particular battery design affords the Model Y a 318 mile maximum range and the Model 3 a 258 mile maximum range.

The 4680-Type Tesla Battery

When Tesla opened the Texas Gigafactory, an automotive manufacturing facility near Austin, they also began manufacturing their first self-made battery, the 4680.

A limited production of Model Y Teslas began in late 2021 featuring this battery, and sales were launched with a “Cyber Rodeo” in April 2022.

Model Y Teslas with the 4680 battery offer a maximum range of 279 miles. The 4680-Type battery is also destined to be the battery of choice for the anticipated Tesla Cybertruck, with production planned to begin in late 2023.

Unique to the Texas location, and more recently, the company’s German manufacturing location, Model Y vehicles with the 4680-type battery showcase the cell’s impressive statistics when compared to the 18650-type and the 2170-type. Featuring a length of 80 mm and a diameter of 46 mm, each cell holds a substantial 9000 mAh.

Tesla have manufactured this battery type themselves so far, but there are plans for Panasonic to get involved in further production from late 2023.

The LFP Prismatic-Type Tesla Battery

As if one new battery type weren’t enough, Tesla also recently launched their groundbreaking Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LFP) prismatic-type batteries. This further addition to the Tesla battery line-up is said to offer greater stability and safety, which many EV drivers are sure to love. However, that additional peace of mind comes at a price—namely, a lower EPA-rated range and greater vulnerability to cold-weather issues.

This means that drivers with a prismatic-type Tesla battery will need to make use of their vehicle’s preconditioning capabilities during the winter months. Model 3 Teslas with an LFP battery have an estimated range of 253 miles, while Model Y cars offer a range of 279 miles on a single charge.