What Is a Tesla 4680 Battery and Which Models Have One?

The development of cutting-edge batteries is what drives the electric vehicle industry forwards, and few brands can compete with Tesla in this area. Following in the footsteps of the brand’s three prior battery packs—the 18650-type, the 2170-type, and the prismatic-type — Tesla has recently introduced the 4680 battery, which is comprised of cells that are larger and hold more energy than their predecessors.

But what is a Tesla 4680 battery? And which Tesla models have one?

How Does the Tesla 4680-Type Battery Measure Up?

The 4680-type battery marks a return to cylindrical cell design for Tesla—following their recent release of a new prismatic-type battery seen in some new Model 3 and Model Y vehicles.

The 4680-type cell boasts larger dimensions and a higher capacity than precious cylindrical cell battery types used by Tesla.

Comparison of Tesla Cylindrical Cell Batteries

Battery Type18650-type2170-type4680-type
Cell Size18mm x 65mm21mm x 70mm46mm x 80mm
Cell Weight47g68g335g
Cathode TypeNCANCA or NCMNCM
Cell Capacity3,500 mAh4,800 mAh9,000 mAh (est.)
Associated ModelsRoadster, Model S, Model XModel 3, Model YModel Y, Cybertruck

But the comparisons don’t just stop there. With Nickel-Cobalt-Manganese (NCM) cathodes and a Graphite anode, this lithium-ion battery is a dry cell, which means it performs favorably in cold-weather conditions as well as the warm. It also offers faster charge times, with some drivers reporting a full 0-100% charge in under an hour.

Advantages of 4680 Batteries

  • Larger cell size
  • Larger cell capacity
  • Better cold-weather performance
  • Faster charge times
  • Cheaper production

While many aspiring Tesla owners might be keen to get their hands on a Model Y with the 4680-type battery, their availability is currently limited by small-scale production. This should change when Panasonic begins mass manufacturing of the batteries in 2023.

Which Tesla Models Have the 4680-Type Battery?

So far, Tesla has been manufacturing their new 4680-type batteries themselves, solely at the Tesla Gigafactories in Texas and Germany. In these locations, this exciting new battery type is being placed in new Model Y Teslas.

However, we anticipate that this will be the battery of choice when the Cybertruck finally drops in late 2023 or early 2024, and it may make its way into additional models as production continues over the years ahead.

Tesla ModelBattery Type
Model S18650-Type
Model 32170-Type or Prismatic-Type
Model X18650-Type
Model Y2170-Type or Prismatic-Type
Model Y made in Texas and Germany4680-Type
Anticipated Cybertruck4680-Type

Alongside the above performance enhancements offered by the 4680-type Tesla battery, early reports indicate that it is also cheaper to produce, which is great news for the EV company as it strives to keep its prices down.

But what about driving range? 

Standard Range Model Y Teslas featuring the 4680 battery house 690 cells and are rated for up to 279 miles (449km) of range. The Long Range models are said to house 828 cells, but so far, details of their range are mixed. There have been unsubstantiated reports of ranges as vast as 500 miles (804km), but for now, we’ll just have to wait as accurate information rolls in when more Long Range Model Y Teslas hit the roads in 2023.