Tesla Delivery Checklist

Delivery day for your Tesla can be overwhelming. Everything can seem too much to handle, from the excitement of getting your ride to the burning desire of wanting to try out Tesla’s acceleration. With many thoughts running through your head, it might be easy to overlook the simple items in the checklist, such as ensuring the charger is in the trunk or inquiring about how to link your phone via Bluetooth.

Let us look at our comprehensive Tesla checklist;

Tesla Checklist

Here’s a checklist to print and have on the delivery day to ensure you’re not overwhelmed but have everything intact for the ownership of your new Tesla.

The Basics

  • Ensure that the VIN duplicates the paperwork.
  • Check to confirm the address and name on paperwork.
  • Carry an insurance card that is printed.
  • Provide proof of down payment as well as final payment details.
  • The software in use is current.
  • Standard adapters (NEMA5-15, J1772) and a carry bag are included in the Universal Mobile Connector (UMC).
  • The plate for the front license and the frame for the Tesla license.



  • No crooked hoods, large gaps, or misaligned panels.
  • Glass roofs don’t present signs of leaking and are aligned.
  • Inspect for windshield installation as the appropriate windshield.
  • Use the auto-close button to test the trunk for opening and closing. Note, expect an automatic door latching.
  • Ensure a total auto-closure of door windows when doors are closed.
  • All doors, the trunk, and the hood open and close properly.
  • Inspect for easy removal of towing eyes placed under the frunk mat.
  • Open all doors and check the weather seals around windows and door gaps. Overlapped seals can be easily fixed by hand. However, you need to note the error.
  • All lights, front and rear, are clear from condensation.
  • All lights align with panels, hood, and trunk.
  • Ensure the frunk gap is not more than 4mm.

The Paint and Wheels

  • No visible marks, scratches, or dents on the underside and surface.
  • Check for deep scratches. Minor scratches acquired on transport can be buffed out.
  • All four tires have valve stem covers.
  • Clear wheels without scrapes from loading or unloading.
  • Ensure paint in areas that are less visible such as door hinges.
  • Desired color and options are correct.

The Lights

  • Inspect the rear left and right sidelights and the overhead lights.
  • Inspect for left and right rear door pockets.
  • Inspect for driver and passenger’s door pocket and footwells.
  • Inspect for paddle lights on the driver’s and passenger’s doors.
  • Inspect for steering control lights.
  • Open and close the glove box to check for light.
  • Inspect the door latch button and door window light.
  • Inspect for console middle and rear light.
  • Inspect fog lights.
  • Inspect brake lights.
  • Inspect rear turning lights.
  • Inspect both trunk lights.
  • Inspect frunk light.
  • Inspect front signal lights.
  • Inspect front parking lights.
  • Inspect high and low beam lights.



  • Check for glass ripples in the windshield and windows.
  • A properly sealed interior liner that is not hanging.
  • No smudges and tears on the seats.
  • No marks, scuffs, smudges, or abrasion on underside or surfaces, carpets, dash, and door surfaces.
  • Door and body gap paint.
  • Ensure all seat belts are functional.
  • Ensure rear seats have an operational fold-down.
  • Move the front seat in all directions to ensure no strange noise.
  • Ensure the rear seats are firmly attached. You can try to lift them to confirm.
  • Confirm for clothing hook operation on both the right and the left.
  • Check for marks or fingerprints on the headliner.
  • Alignment of backseats.
  • Unfolded seat material.
  • For long-range models and above, floor mats are present.

The Driver’s Seat

  • Ensure there are no error messages on the display screen.
  • Ensure that no mysterious touches are occurring on the display screen. Touch the ‘Tesla T’ on the screen to pop up the ‘About Your Tesla’ window. Open the sketch pad by tapping the unicorn drawing and leave it for a minute.
  • Inspect for a functional emergency door release for both the driver and passenger door.
  • All four windows work perfectly from opening to closing.
  • At full power, the AC/heat works without unusual noise.
  • Ensure that the horn works by pressing the steering center.
  • Ensure the wipers are functional.
  • Inspect the reverse camera.
  • Fold and adjust the side mirrors to ensure they work without strange noise.
  • Ensure the rearview mirror is free from distortion or warping.
  • Inspect the windshield for a clear view.
  • Ensure the sound system is functional with all the speakers operational. Additionally, run a test to ascertain that the steering wheel controls are functional.


  • Minimal noise comes from side mirrors as they shift between states.
  • Ensure radio reception is perfect.
  • All lights (turning signal, brake lights, emergency, and high beam and up and down adjustment work on the touch screen).
  • For S and X models, ensure that Fob works.
  • Ensure that the 12-volt receptacle is powered.
  • Examine all USB ports to ensure they work. (2 USB- C in the rear, and the front 1 USB -A or C).
  • Ensure wireless connectivity, charging, and Bluetooth work.
  • Two key cards work on the B-pillar.
  • Phone applications work, such as conditioning and unlocking when connected to the car.
  • The charging port cover is aligned, opens consistently, and moves freely.
  • Ensure supercharging works.
  • Mobile chargers work and connect and disconnect easily. (avoid manual push of the charger port).

How Do I Know When My Tesla Will Be Delivered

  • To begin with, ensure you have a Tesla account. Within your profile, you can check up on your order and the position of your car within the process and set an expected delivery date.
  • When your vehicle is available, an email or SMS will be sent to you through your mobile device, plus a link to organize a delivery appointment.

Note that delivery time might differ after considering factors such as logistics, prompt completion of your delivery tasks, and production.

Before Tesla Delivery

Now that you have made your order, here is what to prepare before your Tesla is delivered;

  • To provide a delivery location and registration details, download the Tesla app.
  • Ensure you have a charging station installed at your home. Find a charging solution that will work well for you since not all standard charging tools will come with every Tesla car.
  • Sign up for live education sessions about the features of your vehicle.

30 Days To Delivery Date

During this period, you have to get financing quotes from financial institutions.

For the accounts that you will use for the final payment on a delivery appointment, ascertain that you have a routing number, especially on weekends when the banks are not open.

Order accessories that you deem essential. They may come in handy later when needed.

10 Days To Delivery Date

The backdoor link and edit design button should stop functioning. It’s time to finalize financing.

However, if your backdoor link still works, you might have to wait a little longer for the delivery.

7 Days To Delivery Date

  •  Login to your Tesla account and check for (VIN) vehicle identification number and (MVPA) motor vehicle purchase agreement allocation. If none has been assigned to you, your delivery might be delayed.
  • Set up a coverage date with your insurance on the delivery day. However, ensure that you have a VIN.
  • Ensure that you take a look at your state’s inspection regulations. However, you might already know what to expect if you previously owned a car where you live.

Anytime To The Delivery Date

  • Watch tutorial videos for Model 3 or Model Y to get a head start on the basics and ensure a smooth handover process.
  • Review the information on the Tesla support pages; it covers essential details such as warranty, insurance, financing, trade-in, etc.
  •  Meet other Tesla owners through Tesla owner orientation events and learn additional ownership tips from them.
  • For Model 3 and Model Y, download an owner’s manual on your smartphone.
  • Find a good tire inflator.
  • Join the unofficial Tesla Motors Club and r/TeslaMotors subreddit.

Should I Pay For My Tesla Before Delivery

Yes, you should pay for your Tesla before delivery!

Before the delivery appointment, ensure that you have fully paid or can provide valid payment proof. Additionally, ensure that before the delivery appointment, your balance is fully paid in person, or you can guarantee it through a financial institution.

Note these about your invoice;

  • You can view it through your Tesla account.
  • The final invoice will include all costs accumulated before and after taxation, configuration options, and the vehicle registration number. However, the delivery appointment on the invoice may change.

Methods of payment;

You can make your payment through financing via a bank, wire transfer, or leasing. However, you can always use your preferred method through the Tesla app under ‘payment method.’

A delay in payment might affect the delivery date.

What Do I Need For Tesla Delivery

Before you take the Tesla delivery, you need to ensure that you have confirmed the following;

  • Submit any necessary documents along with your insurance details and the final payment.
  • Ensure you e-sign the required agreements if you lease or finance with Tesla on the Tesla app.
  • Most lenders will require a motor vehicle purchase agreement (MVPA) if you purchase the vehicle through self-arranged financing. However, once your Tesla order is ready for delivery, the Tesla app will provide you with an (MVPA). Delivery will not be made until full payment is made. You are responsible for securing and submitting your financed amount and any balance before delivery.

Some states, Iowa, Texas, Michigan, and New Mexico, have strict restrictions. You will be required to make full payment before scheduling a delivery.

Documents Required On Delivery Day

  •  Auto insurance
  • Trade-in ownership documents
  • Driver’s license
  • Final payment

Final payment may vary depending on purchase method and location. Credit cards are prohibited from making the final payment.

Vehicle Introduction

Before taking the delivery, here are features that are highly recommended that you test;

  • Software updates
  • Meet your Tesla
  •  Full self-drive and autopilot

After the delivery, you can access the user manual by tapping ‘service’ on the touch screen to allow you to access more information on specific features, vehicle operations, and software updates.

Take away notes

  • Do an online check for the next steps before taking the delivery as you explore your vehicle’s interface.
  • You must ask the delivery agent to ensure that your car is marked as ‘delivered’ on the Tesla app for login even after the agent has left.
  • Ensure that you have proper documentation and other necessary copies of your purchase. These will include a signed copy of the purchase agreement. Avoid accessing the documents electronically and ask for physical copies from the delivery agent.
  • Once you have done all the above, it is time to consider must-have Tesla accessories. These go miles to enhance, customize and protect your new car right from day one. Click here for the highest-rated screen protectors, weather-proof floor mats, storage options, phone mounts, and cleaning supplies.

9 Must-Have Tesla Accessories

Tesla cars are unique, providing plenty of distinct features and innovations. You can transform your unit’s performance, usefulness, and appearance by purchasing the right accessories for your new Tesla.

The following are the nine must-have accessories you need for your Tesla;

  • Screen protector – Protect your infotainment screen display not only from harm but also from fingerprint smudges. A screen protector will also eliminate sun glare through its anti-reflective feature.
  • All-weather floor mats – Prevent dirt, mud, stains, spills, and overall wear from damaging your car’s carpeting throughout its life.
  • A Tesla Center console organizer – It is a sliding tray that effortlessly fits into the center console, providing ample storage space for your items.
  • Jack-lifting pads – A jack-lifting pad helps you get underneath the car for various tasks, such as inspecting the battery, replacing tires, or checking the underside.
  • Mesh WiFi system – With this system, you can extend your WiFi link by ensuring it reaches all areas of your house.
  • Mud flaps – These keep your car’s paint chip-free as you drive on mud, dirt, and other road debris. Flaps also enhance your Tesla’s appearance by making it look more appealing and sportier.
  • UV protectant spray – A UV protectant spray offers superior sun protection while at the same time repelling dust, fading, and dirt. Its smooth, matte finish leaves no greasy or oily residue.
  • Phone mount – A phone mount can attach your gadget to your car’s discreet air vent without obstructing its visibility or sleek design.
  • Portable tire inflator kit – The kit features an air inflator, long nose plier, slotted screwdriver, utility knife, insertion tool, tire rasp tool, plug strips, etc.