Can you get Tesla windows tinted?

Few luxury vehicles on the road today turn heads as fast as a Tesla. However, for some owners, opting for the addition of window tints is immensely appealing thanks to their capacity to add even more of an edge to a car’s aesthetic. 

Of course, there are plenty of other reasons to want to get the windows of your EV tinted. A high-caliber window tint will prevent interior fading, shield passengers from UV rays, dramatically reduce sun glare, ensure privacy when inside the vehicle, and block out heat—which in turn reduces the power draw of your air conditioning. 

These are all excellent reasons to consider treating your car to tints. The question is can you get your Tesla windows tinted when your order your new car? Plus, what kind of window tints are best for a Tesla? Read on as we take a deep dive into answering these questions and more.

Does Tesla Offer a Window Tint Option? 

If you are buying a brand new Tesla, you might be a little disappointed to know that not one of the Tesla models has an option to come with tinted windows. The only light exception to this rule is the Model Y, which has a smoked rear window, meaning that it is slightly darker than the rest. Why? Because this larger Tesla model falls under the SUV/Truck category of vehicle, which means that the rear window is allowed to be darker.

What Kind of Window Tints Can I Get For My Tesla?

So, conceding that if you want your windows tinted, you’re going to have to arrange it yourself, there are a few things that you need to know. Crucially, first and foremost, not all window tints are created equal—and in the case of Tesla windows, the distinctions are pretty important.

Because the trailblazing Tesla vehicle uses so many wireless and sensory technologies, it is important not to introduce anything to your vehicle that might inhibit crucial signals. Many drivers don’t realize that a lot of window tints are metalized, and these can interfere with your Tesla’s functionality. 

Metalized window tints are fairly good for reflecting light, but there are plenty of great and potentially better alternatives on the market. Most Tesla drivers opt for a high-quality ceramic or crystalline window tint, while others seek out one that contains carbon particles capable of providing a stylish matte look.

What Else Do I Need to Know About Getting My Tesla Windows Tinted?

It would seem that the price we pay for choosing such an incredible car is that nothing can be done in an entirely “normal” fashion. This certainly applies in the world of window tints, because the various Tesla models are inclined to have larger or even curved windows that do require a little extra attention.

If you go to a car glass shop expecting an off-the-shelf window tint job for your Tesla, you may be disappointed. Unfortunately, most standard rolls are simply not wide enough for the windows of your car. It would be possible to apply the tint with a seam in the middle of the glass, but this wont do the look you’re investing in any favors. Unless the shop specialized in Teslas or other specialized windows so keeps wider rolls in stock, they may need to order in a new roll especially for your car.

This issue can become even more challenging with the Tesla Model Y if the owner wants the glass roof tinted. Not only is this window extra-large, but it is also curved, which calls for the skill to perform invisible relief cuts or shrinking. Simultaneously, the headliner of a Model Y requires specific know-how to remove safely.

So what’s the takeaway? Whichever Tesla model you drive, the answer to whether you can get your Tesla windows tinted is absolutely. But without a doubt, the best option is to find a glass shop with experience tinting Tesla windows. This will ensure the best possible outcome—and you’ll be enjoying the power-saving, UV shielding, and stylish-looking rewards of window tints in no time.